Thursday, December 22, 2011

Home Remedies

 Today we have Jill from Jill's Home Remedies guest posting for us.  Shes has a wonderful blog about herbs and home remedies.  I LOVE to use home remedies at my house.  They are safer, less expensive and just make better since to me than synthetic medicines.  When I needed a post about home remedies for my Baby Steps to Healthy Living series, I knew Jill was the one to ask!  Thank you so much, Jill for your willingness to help!! 


As much as I love winter (even though I'm not getting my white Christmas this year :( !), I do not enjoy the colds, flus and ear infections that tend to accompany this time of year!  Many and most parents run to the doctor anytime their sweet little one has a sign of sickness, and begin administering medicines prescribed by doctors.  Now, I am all for going to the doctor for an emergency, but many visits are not really emergencies. Taking too many antibiotics will most likely lead to an unhealthy life in the long-run for anyone.  It is best to treat illnesses from the very beginning at home before they get out of control and are harder to handle.  I have been able to successfully treat my 4 children with home remedies on almost all occasions.  But, as I said, always go to the doctor for emergencies.

Colds and Flus
Many times you can use the same remedies for a cold or a flu.  Here are a few:
At first sign of illness :

*Drink as many glasses of red raspberry leaf tea and eliminate all foods except fresh fruits or broths

*Mix equal parts of elder flowers and peppermint leaves and make a tea

*Colloidal Silver is an excellent natural immune booster for any illness

*Elderberry Syrup is a great herb for colds and flu!  Elderberries contain compounds that are especially beneficial in preventing the flu from invading our bodies.  Click here to watch how to make Elderberry Syrup.

*For congestion, a mustard plaster or onion poultice are great options.

Ear infections  
Ear infections are one of the easiest things to get rid of at home.  Here are 3 successful ways to get rid of an ear infection:

1. Colloidal silver
Not only can you take colloidal silver internally to fight and prevent sickness, it is also an excellent remedy for ear infections (and eye infections too!)  Click here to read the details on how I use this natural anti-biotic for ear infections!

2.Garlic Oil 
Garlic is definitely a favorite herb!: it's yummy to cook with and used as a medicine ~ it's a natural anti-biotic!  You can infuse garlic in olive oil to make an easy oil to use in the ears, or to cook with!  Here are my instructions for making homemade garlic oil.

3. Plain Old Onion
*Extract juice from an onion (you can bake it at 350 just until you start to smell it baking) and place two drops in the ears. 


*Place the cut side of an onion on ears and secure it there with ear muffs (or hold it) for 15-20 minutes.  The fumes from the onion will suck the infection out!  Some bake the onion as indicated above before placing on the ear, but I know the raw onion is effective too.  You can also leave the onions on the ears overnight, and the next morning you should have lots of yucky gunk stuck to the onion.

You can have your family free of colds, flus and ear infections in no time with simple, inexpensive home remedies!

Jill is a Christian and has been married to her dear husband for 11 years.  She's a homeschool mom of 4 and is thankful for the grace and mercy God bestows on her moment by moment of her daily life.  One of her passions is reading and researching about health and home remedies, and sharing with others the knowledge she gains.  You can find her blogging at Jill's Home Remedies.

 *Disclaimer ~ These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.  

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  1. I love reading her blog. These are good remedies to share, especially this time of year.

  2. Thank you for the kind comment, Sandra. I love getting to know you dear friends. :)