I think we all would agree that the education our children receive is one of the biggest and most important things we will ever provide for them.  I am not here to tell you what God wants for your
children, or even how *I* think you should educate them.  I am simply sharing my personal experiences.  
I have both homeschooled my children and Christian schooled them.  At present, we are beginning a new season in our lives. This year we will be educating at home. I will have one in 9th grade, one in 8th, two in 5th, and two almost two-year-olds.  The good news is - I love teaching!  It's in my blood.  Sunday school, lady's meetings/conferences, Jr. High...I love it all!  (To be honest, I am not a fan of younger grades and all the phonics and reading that go along with them, but I have a friend who has promised to help me when the babies get there...lest they grow up illiterate. :O) 

That being said, I would absolutely love to have you post pictures of your classrooms or out-of-the-box ideas to teach different topics on my Facebook Page! This goes for those of you that teach your children at home and those who teach in classrooms at their Christian/Church schools.

Dyslexic by Divine Design

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