Given to Hospitality

Relationships are key in all areas of life. I can't think of a single area in my life that doesn't involve a relationship of some kind. If you want to reach people and help them draw closer to God, you are going to have to develop a relationship with them  If you want to draw closer to God yourself, you are going to have to develop deeper relationships with those whom you believe to be walking with God. The way to develop these relationships is to spend time together and hospitality is the way this happens.

The Bible clearly commands that each of us be "given to hospitality". My husband and I firmly believe that this is taught in the Old and New Testaments, demonstrated by Jesus, Himself and a key factor in building relationships and growing spiritually.  In the links below, we will discuss what biblical hospitality is, why it's important and how to go about it in our modern society.  We will discuss practical ways to save money, have fun and keep everyone safe while developing Christ-honoring relationships through hospitality.

Hospitality in the Bible


Hospitality - A Life Style

Hospitality Made Simple

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