Thursday, June 23, 2011

Reducing Exposure to Endocrine-Disrupters

We discussed plastics and what the things they have made possible...endocrine disruptions.  (Yay us!!)

Now, how can we avoid some of those endocrine disrupters??

  1. Try to switch out plastic food storage containers for healthier ones like glass, stainless steal, porcelain, ceramic, or BPA/phthalate free plastics.
  2. NEVER heat or cook in plastics, it will cause the endocrine disrupters to leach into the food.
  3. Never wash your plastics in the dishwasher.  The heat inside the dishwasher may release endocrine disrupters and cause them to leach onto other dishes and silverware.  
  4. Get rid of old plastics.  The older and more used the plastics, the more it will leach chemicals. 
  5. Buy food in glass jars (or can your own) when you can to avoid aluminum cans and cut back on BPA.  Remember that acidic foods will absorb more BPA than other foods. 
  6. Don't use plastic appliances.  Instead use glass and stainless steal.
  7. Avoid toys with PVC.  You can go to to find out if the toys in your home are healthy.


  1. it is hard to find glass or stainless steal appliances. it is also hard to find 'made in the USA' items. but it should be easier to store things in other than plastic. forgot to put my name on last post ( :-0 ) regarding ants. sue

  2. I always try to get things that are Made in the USA too. I do use plastic, I'm "weeding" it out. I just don't put it in the microwave or dishwasher. =)