Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No More Ironing!

I've told you how I make my own laundry detergent and dryer sheets.  I gave you the recipe for fabric softener.  Now, I want to tell you about a new thing I've found.  Well, it may not be new at all, but it's new to me.  Someone told me about it and I didn't believe them, but for $1.50....

Here's the deal:  I HATE to iron.  Someone told me about this stuff called "Wrinkle Releaser".  You can get it at the Dollar General store.  Like I said, for $1.50 I decided to try it.  I couldn't believe how well it worked! 

All you do is spray it on your clothes.  It smells good and the wrinkles just fall out.  It works great on denim, khaki, cotton, and even on curtains and table cloths!  The stuff is amazing.  It's a MUST when traveling and living out of a suitcase! 

You will need to iron dress shirts to put the creases in them, but this stuff helps get the wrinkles out and it works as a starch.  In fact, I like it better than starch and it doesn't leave all those white flaky thing behind on the shirt and iron.

The only place I know to get it is the Dollar General store.  In fact, it's their brand.  For those of you who don't live in the United States, I don't know if anyone else makes it or not.  (OR you can make it yourself) It's saved us a ton of time.  Especially while living out of suitcases.

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  1. I LOVE this stuff!!! I found it before we went on vacation and it works great! I would spray the clothes hang them and wrinkles vanished!! I have found this at Family Dollar also...so I stock up when I run low...never want to run out of this little gem!! lol

  2. Oh, good. I didn't know it could be found at the Family Dollar. Thanks!

  3. You can make it yourself. My mom buys a new container ever so often but makes it herself in between and just refills the spray bottle. I think its a small amount of detergent and the rest water. Ill have to ask her to find out for sure though

  4. I have a recipe for it somewhere around this blog. I guess I should have linked it up... Thanks!!! =)

  5. Oh, it is there...you can click on the purple link there at the bottom of the post! lol *I* couldn't even find it! ; D