Sunday, May 6, 2012

Grocery Shopping - It's Overrated!

The first few years of my married life I would spend hours grocery shopping.  Not because I had tons of money, but because I was afraid I'd miss something I needed.  I'd walk up and down each aisle and make sure I saw everything - just in case.  What if something were on sale and I missed it?  What if I forgot to write something on my list {which I usually would forget and leave at home anyway}?   Grocery shopping was not something I enjoyed.  Not many people do. 

I do now!  Sound crazy?

Here's 2 reasons why I like it now:
  1. It's my time to get away.  I usually only take one kid with me.  Sometimes I even get to go alone.  I enjoy my kids.  They're great little helpers and I honestly couldn't accomplish as much without them, but there are some times when it's a good thing to get some alone time. 
  2. I don't stress out over it all anymore.  In fact, I don't even go down all the aisles hardly anymore!  Love it that way.  Makes grocery shopping so much easier and faster!  
I go down the dry beans and peanut butter aisle, frozen veggie aisle, sometimes the pasta aisle {when the whole wheat pasta is on sale I like to stock up}, after that, I simply shop produce and meats a little bit of dairy, although I've been able to cut a bunch of that out by buying most of my honey, milk, eggs and meat straight from the farmer!

I get my shampoos, hand soaps and a few other things {whatever we don't make at Sugar and Spice} from Melelucha, which is a GREAT place to save money and go more natural.  I make most of my cleaning supplies and laundry detergents, although you could also get those things from Melelucha.

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A few goals:

My goal is to plant all the vegetables I can possible fit in the garden and then can or freeze them all so that I can totally skip buying any at the store!  Not only is this much healthier for my family, but it saves me tons of money and time in the grocery store!  What I can't plant or grow enough of, I like to buy in bulk from local farmers at peak season.  {Like apples, peaches, and corn.}

By doing this, I'm supporting local farmers, saving my husband money and myself the stress of running out of things we need on a regular basis.  We've had several "lean years" and the thought of having food saved up in the pantry, full of vitamins and nutrients is such a relief! 

Goal #2:  I'd LOVE to have a wheat grinder and bread mixer.  Then, I could skip the bread/tortilla aisle too!!  {And we do eat our share of tortillas!!}

Goal #3 is to buy hormone free meat in bulk once or twice a year.  I hate to think what all those hormones are doing to my little ones!  And I love the fact that I can save so much money by buying in bulk.  Not to mention it's such a relief to know that I have what I need if when my husband should invite someone over at the last moment.  I love having company.  It's even better when I'm prepared for them.  :)

Goal #4: We have disgusting water!  Its absolutely gross.  Anyone taking calcium supplements??  You can come drink some of our water and be good to go for at least a year - if you don't mind a good dose of fluoride, chlorine, and arsenic along with it...  So, I'm in the process of looking into water filters. I won't have to buy anymore water from the grocery store for drinking or cooking.  YAY!!! 

And, last but not least, I'd LOVE to raise my own chickens.  {We even have names picked out!}  Eggs, meat...oh, yeah!!  I'd love to have chickens!  Plus that, they eat bugs and fertilize my garden! It's win-win!  I know I'll have them eventually since we are allowed to have them in's just one thing at a time at this point.

What are some ways you've become more self-sufficient?  How have you saved money at the grocery store?

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  1. The Steiners in Tremont have grass-fed, organic, hormone free meat that you can buy in bulk! It's not too expensive either. I'm getting 10 chickens from them in June (less than $3 a pound). I'd love to garden, but just don't have much space and we're not home enough.