Sunday, January 1, 2012

Winter Cleaning

Get a jump on your Spring Cleaning by doing a little Winter Cleaning!

Because it's so cold during the winter, I use these months to do things like organize, and clean wood work, walls and ceilings.  It just works for me to do these things now while it's cold so that I can spend as much time outside during the spring!

The beauty of "winter cleaning" is that you can let it last as long as you want it to, after all, you have all winter!

Winter Cleaning Involves:
  1. Organizing every closet, cabinet, dresser and all those nooks and crannies too! -Remember, organization is the key to a clean home! 
  2. Skip things that would normally be done for Spring Cleaning.  Obviously you aren't going to paint anything or shampoo carpets in winter because it's too cold to open windows.  You probably aren't going to wash any windows - at least not the outside of them.  And, more than likely, you won't be washing too many curtains or blankets if you like to let them air dry.  These things will have to wait till "Spring Cleaning".
  3. But you can wipe down walls, wood work, ceilings, doors, door knobs, air vents, and light fixtures. And don't forget the inside of the oven.  {Remember all children can help.  And even if they aren't really helping, you can give them a damp rag and let them think they're helping.  It keeps them out from under foot and it teaches them how to be a part of the family team.  Not to mention, the joy and satisfaction they get when you tell them what a fantastic job they did!}
  4. Spend about 15 - 30 minutes a day {or longer if you'd like} organizing and cleaning out each closet, cabinet and all those crannies.
  5. Throw away any and all items that you don't like, won't use, or haven't used in the past 6 months.  If I'm not sure about an item; I usually throw it away.  The less you have to deal with the easier your life will be and the less you'll have to deal with!  hmmmmm..... 
  6. Throw away all out dated food and spices.  
  7. Clean behind and under furniture, appliances, and don't forget the tops and insides of the fridge and kitchen cabinets.
As I said, you can spend a couple of days doing nothing but cleaning just to get it done, or you can spend an hour each day doing it little by little.  I, personally, prefer the latter.  With kids and other events going on all around us, I can usually get it all done and still have fun with friends and family.  It's not as stressful and yet the work still gets done. Just make a list and check off the accomplished goals as you get them done.   When every thing on your list is crossed off, you'll be able to curl up with a nice cup of Hot Chocolate and a book and enjoy the clean! What better way to start off the New Year than with a squeaky clean house!?!

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Happy Cleaning!!

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  1. Found you over at the Barn Hop, I was just thinking about winter cleaning the other day! I think I will get started this week! Happy New Year!

  2. A woman after my own heart! This is what I have been doing too, cleaning out the clutter, and then deep cleaning. Great blog!

  3. I love the concept of Winter Cleaning! And pacing yourself is the only way to go, especially since you can never actually be "done" anyway!

  4. Thank you, Ladies! And I just love to meet new friends!!

  5. We got a little carried away when taking down our Christmas decorations and started some serious cleaning. Hoping to finish it up today!

  6. I do this slowly - but I love to get the corners! I like having a list to cross off.

  7. I LOVE to cross things off lists too! My husbands thinks I have lists of my lists! lol I call it - organized. =)

    ~ Angela