Friday, April 22, 2011

Herbal Remedies for Whining???

Oh, Yeah!!   I don't know about you, but I can't stand when kids whine.  I have 2 that seem to enjoy hearing the agony in their own, sweet, sad, little voices a little more than the rest of us like to hear it.  So, what do I suggest for grumpy, whiny kids? 

A new attitude!!

I do not claim, by any means, to be the best mother in the world, this is simply what worked for me.  (First make sure the child isn't in some kind of genuine pain.  I know by the whine or cry if it's real before my child even comes into the room and I know you do with yours too.  It's a "mom thing".)

My Idea:  
If a kid is whining because of some kind of imagined pain or illness...give them medicine Apple Cider Vineagar.

Apple cider vinegar is very, very good for them, but it doesn't taste good and your child will not want any more "medicine".

If you think about it, children only whine because they want your attention.  If they can convince you that they are sick, or in pain, you will comfort and pet them.  If they are truly sick or in pain, then comfort away!!  The day will come when you won't be able to comfort and pet anymore.

However, if they are making things up to get attention, give them what they want.  As soon as the whining starts up...administer the medicine.  (Don't get irritated and start yelling, just give them "medicine" and be as normal and happy as you can while you administer your meds.)   I always tell them, "oh, I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well, let's find something to help make you healthier.  There, that should help you out.  Be sure you tell me the next time your leg is hurting so I can help you again."  

They never do.

Then, I wait a few minuets and I find a good reason to give him/her attention; positive attention.  Encourage him, congratulate him, teach him something new, have him help you complete a particular chore and then tell him you couldn't have done it without him.... 

There are plenty of GOOD ways to get/give attention. Being sick or in pain is not one of those good reasons, especially if the sickness or pain is not genuine. Whining is not appreciated in our house!  This is my happy, healthy way to keep it away.

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  1. I do the very same thing! I didn't have any herbs on hand when I first read to do this, so I used vinegar. People look at me like I'm mean, but like you said, it's good for them! It tastes horrible, but we are not hurting them at all. It truly works too. Just one dose and my kids were cured when they were little of whining.

  2. LOL! This is a good idea! Most of the time I give my children glycerin based medicine and it tastes good. I have run into the problem of children with pretend illnesses! Only I don't think I would give it to them straight. It burns as it goes down!

  3. Thanks for this excellent idea. We have some papaya enzymes for tummy aches, but since they taste good, they get requested too much. My 3 year old is still young enough to be totally honest-if I ask "are you really hurting or do you just want a white thing?" (her name for them) she will say, "I just want a white thing!" Maybe I should does her with the ACV sometimes when I know she is just playing along! :)

  4. It really does work! A friend of mine has a little girl who weighs the consequences for every action, ie how many spankings will I get for doing this. It was driving her parents crazy, so one day her mom took her in the kitchen and told her, her words were like vinegar (and promptly gave her a spoonful) then told her she wanted her words to be like honey. Ever since, vinegar has been the preferred punishment, as the little girl realized she hated that more than spankings:)