Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's that time of year again.

Sunday morning we went out to get in our van and go to church, but a terrible thing had happened.  Someone had taken our van and replaced it with a yellow one!  Upon closer inspection it was still our blue van, but there was a nice, thick layer of yellow pollen covering the pretty, blue paint.  I opened a door for the kids to get in and a whole sheet of yellow pollen fell right off the side of the door.  I'm just glad we had fluid in the window washing/wiper compartment of our van.  (whatever all that's called.)  Because our wind shield was yellow too!  I had forgotten what spring time in Georgia was like!  =)

So, I've been taking Bee Pollen.  You must be careful and do your home work when it comes to bee pollen and bee products.  Allergic reactions to bee pollen have been reported, including anaphylaxis.  Isn't that nice?  So, I strongly recommend that you are careful with this (as with any herb or medicine that you ingest).  If you have an EPI pen for bee stings I would NOT recommend that you take this product.

Bee pollen has vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes, and essential amino acids. It has also been known to enhance athletic stamina and boost the immune system.  It is believed to help in other respiratory problems such as bronchitis and sinus congestion. Bee pollen is thought to balance the endocrine system with benefits in menstrual and prostate disorders. In Chinese medicine, bee pollen is used for building blood and reducing cravings for sweets and alcohol. Topically it can be used for eczema and diaper rash. 
 You should start out small.  A little bit under your tongue and then work yourself up to about a table spoon 3 times a day. For more information on natural allergy relief go here.

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