Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stupid Questions & Stupid Answers

I heard it again.  That question that never ceases to amaze me (and make me laugh)!  "Are all those kids yours?"  And it's always asked in disbelief, as if I should hold the record for the mother with the most children.  I'm sure some of you hear these types of questions from time to time too.  (At least they didn't ask me if I'm catholic this time. :)

Seriously, people!! I only have four...come on now.  (besides 4 kids is the average anyway, isn't it?)  I know people with way more than that.  In fact, I personally know a lady with 18 children.  That's just a few more than 4.  I usually respond with a sweet "yes, they're all stuck with me." Or if one is missing I'll say, "yes they are and I have more at home too".

One day I'm going to say, "Nope, grocery shopping is just not challenging enough, so I round up as many kids from the neighborhood as I can and take them all with me."  Or, maybe I should I tell them that our bus broke down so I can only take 3 or 4 out at a time??  I do love having a big family!  Even if it really isn't that big....

Once I had a lady ask me what I do with all of them. ~ Really?? ~ With a smile and a wink, I told her that I make them scrub the floors and do the laundry so I can relax and watch TV.  =D  It's always fun to see their expressions.  What was even better was when Meghan piped up and said, "Yeah, we washed all the windows yesterday!"  She said it as if I'd made the kids do all the work themselves and didn't help a bit.  =D 
I was thrilled the other day when I heard a lady talking to Lexxi and Lexxi told her proudly, "My mom has 3 girls and 1 boy and 2 babies in Heaven too.  We might have another one someday too.  Mom says we need another little boy."  The poor lady looked horrified! It was great!  I pretended I didn't even hear the conversation.  I'm glad my children know I love them and they aren't worried or jealous at the idea of having another one! Also glad we can have fun with this "enormous" family God has blessed us with! : )

Our HUGE, happy family! 
; )


  1. Haha, great post! :) I remember my GRANDMOTHER getting such comments when she took my 4 brothers and I to the store, it was great! Can't a woman have more than 5 grandchildren?! LOL

  2. 4 is the average anymore! I laughed about this post because I am starting to get the "are all those yours" looks and questions too!