Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pirate Party

Pirate parties are lots of fun, but be careful.  You may end up with a mutiny on your hands! ; )

Such a cute little pirate!!


You can host your pirate party anywhere you like.  We did our at our favorite spot at the lake, but your own back yard would be perfect.  It would cost you less, but probably be more work because of the clean up.  You have to decide which you prefer to deal with.  We invited so many little pirates that I was afraid my little house couldn't contain them all.  The lake was defiantly the place for us! 

  • The dollar tree is your friend.  They usually have tons of pirate decor. 
  • Black table covers OR use long strips of white butch paper and draw treasure maps on them.
  • red, yellow and orange plates, cups and napkins
  • A "treasure chest" with pretend (or candy) jewels and necklaces on the tables.  Or just a big one on the main table.
  • The kids themselves
  • The cake and serving dishes, be creative!
  • Use things like old ropes and anything "pirate-y" to decorate tables, or divide areas off for different activities. 
  • Use a huge treasure chest - or make one from a big, cardboard box - to put the gifts in.
  • Have everyone dress up as a pirate.  Depending on ages you could do a contest and hand out a prize for those who did the best.
  • Walk the plank - a game where you take a 2x4 and place it on top of another 2x4 so that it's kinda like a sea-saw.  The kids have to "walk the plank" without falling off.  (More for younger children.)
  • Face Painting
  • Pirate Wars - have everyone bring water guns or water balloons.  
  • Treasure Hunt - a scavenger hunt or you could actually bury/hide a "treasure box" and hand out maps to teams and let them go for it.  (More for older children)
  • Make a pinata that looks like a cannon ball and let the pirates take a whack... Provide "loot bags" for them to put their candy in.  This also doubles as your party favors.  No need to buy something else to send them home with.  Fill your pinata with things like candy rings and necklaces..  Or, (my favorite idea) you could fill it with "golden" chocolate coins.  Nothing like watching golden coins fall out of a pinata!!
Party Favors: 

The "loot bags" and candy from the pinata will be fine.  If you opt out of the pinata idea, you can put some "loot bags" together and place them all in a treasure chest and use it to decorate a table until time to go home.


Ahoy, Mates!!  You are invited to help us celebrate Wesley's birthday!  (Be sure you include date, time, location and your menu in case there are allergy issues you need to deal with.) Then you can instruct them to come ready to play in water, get their faces painted, dress up like a pirate, or dig for treasure.  You can give them the option of bringing a change of clothes if they will be getting wet.  At the end of the invitation you can inform them that not showing up could possibly cause a mutiny, and if they are late they will walk the plank!

Additional Party Tips

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