Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chicken Strips

I like to make our chicken strips from scratch.  I never liked those store bought, processed things that are more bread than chicken.  They are really easy to make and they taste good too.  We have them quite a bit because they are so convenient. 


Thaw your chicken strips completely.  Make yourself a breading of whole wheat flour, garlic, sea salt, pepper and oregano.  Beat a few eggs. 

Next: dip your chicken strips in the eggs and then into the flour mixture.  

 Put in a skillet and fry in olive oil for about 5 minuets or until done in the center.  It doesn't take long.  Or, you can bake them at 350 for a few minuets. 
 They are easy and yummy.  You can eat them on salads or by themselves. 

You can eat them right away or flash freeze them and save them for lunches.  It's so convenient to have things in the freezer that you can pull out and warm up when you are in a hurry!

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