Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Colloidal Metals

I have always liked Colloidal Silver.

It's a relief to know that I have something I can depend on to protect the children from germs, viruses, allergens, and much more.  Recently I was given some Colloidal Gold.  A friend asked me what the difference is between the two.  Honestly, I know some differences.  But only a few.  So, I decided to do some research.  Here is a list of colloidal solutions and some things that each of them individually do for us.

Let's start with Colloidal Silver.

Most of us are familiar with "silver", but do you know ALL of it's benefits??
  • Kills all known germs and viruses  (and tastes/looks like water - so your kids won't fuss)
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Speeds up healing and repair of bones, muscles and joints, torn ligaments
  • Promotes healthy bones and joints
  • Safely kills infections in ears, eyes, throats, noses and in the sinus cavities
  • Helps in healing of skin ulcers and other skin issues
  • has killed 650 know germs, bacteria, allergens, and pathogens that were introduced to colloidal silver during testing in scientific institutions world wide.  
  • Used by most airlines and NASA spacecraft to keep food and drinks free of bacteria
  • Used with zinc it protects the prostate
  • It fights the results of pollution and allergens
 The jug is Colloidal Gold and it was given to me. 
The bottle is Colloidal Silver that I bought because I LOVE it!
    Colloidal Gold:
     Recently, I was given a bottle of colloidal gold.  I was thrilled!  I'd never used it before, but I knew it was supposed to be good for you.  I did some research and here's a list of some of it's benefits:
    • Boosts nural transmitters and harmonizes the nervous system
    • Opens nural pathways and balances the nural system
    • Regulates your heart's pumping rhythm
    • Increases IQ and brain function
    • Strengthens libido and increases sexual function
    • Helps control ADD in children - (Do I hear an Amen??)
    • Relaxes and controls blood pressure
    • Improves arthritis
    • Improves physical and emotional health
    Colloidal Copper has long been used by emperors, queens and princesses to keep them young and healthy.  Here is a list of the benefits of Colloidal Copper:
    • Cleans and protects the arteries and veins
    • Helps to refine some fine lines and wrinkles by improving elasticity in skin
    • Strengthens blood circulatory system
    • Helps with brain clarity
    • Kills parasites
    • Regulates varicose veins
    • Assists in the reversal of graying hair and helps keep your hair it's natural youthful color 
    • Relieves joint and muscle pain by oxygenating the blood 
    • Helps prevent strokes
    • Can help prevent Osteoporosis
    Colloidal Zinc:
    • Functions as an antioxidant
    • Promotes healthy skin and improved cellular metabolism
    • Supports healthy cartilage regeneration and tissue regeneration
    • May help encourage normal cell functioning and a healthy immune system
    • Improves male performance 
    Colloidal Platinum:
    • Promotes increased mental focus, concentration and acuity
    • Supports healthy tissue regeneration of the heart, thymus and the endocrine system
    • Promotes increased creativity and improved memory
    • Supports DNA repair
    • Promotes libido


      1. I hadn't heard of the other colloidal metals before, but I am an advocate of silver. I use colloidal silver as medicine and sometimes preventative, but I don't take it daily. Is there any information you know of regarding heavy metal toxicity with the other colloidals?

      2. To be honest with you, I can't find directions on how to take it. Different people say different things...I, personally, only take it when someone starts to show symptoms of illness/infection and sometimes a bit if they have been around flu/virus germs (preventive measures). I wouldn't suggest taking it every day for a healthy person. I've heard of people with MS and other diseases taking it several times a day every day...but for the most part I'd NOT suggest that. I know that's not much of a help. Maybe I'll be able to find other information to share with you.

        1. Tablespoon a day of any colloidal should be enough at most 2

      3. Thanks for the helpful info. Shalom

      4. this can be used as preventive anti bio-tic as ell as curative
        anti bio tic i have used it daily basis for a year. as and when need another year never went to doctor for anti bio tic
        pour puss my entire family protected by colloidal silver
        trimurthy from hyderabad telagana state INDIA Iam preparing it by silver edge .