Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tiny Ways to Save Big Money

  1. A dishwasher uses only 3 - 4 gallons of water to wash a load of dishes, while washing them by hand (and running the water continuously) can use up to 16 gallons of water.  See, I knew I needed a dishwasher!!
  2.   Fill half of the sink with water and rinse all of your dishes in that water, instead of running the water continuously if you don't have a dish washer
  3. Leave the door to your veggie compartment open just a bit in your fridge so your veggies can breathe and last longer.
  4. Don't disconnect your bananas from the bunch,  They'll last longer   
    ~ If only I could get my Jenna to understand this!!!
  5. Make your own cleaning supplies.
  6. Use cloth diapers/napkins/wet wipes
  7. Hang your clothes to dry on the line rather than using your dryer and electricity
  8. Never let your knives soak in dish water, as this dulls them
  9. Never use dish soap with lemon or other citrus juices in them.  It will take the shine out of your silverware and other silver items.
  10. Buy all of your school supplies at the beginning of the year when they are all on sale.  You should be able to get a whole year's worth of school supplies for under $25.  And use last year's pencil boxes and back packs if they are still nice. 
    ~ There's no reason to buy new ones just because it's a new year - but that's just my opinion. 
  11. Plan birthday parties a year in advance.  This gives you a year to shop all the sales, clearances and yard sales for party supplies, decorations, and gifts.  
    ~ SO much fun!
  12. Invest in a wood burning insert if you have a wood burning fire place.  It will save you TONS on your heating bill in the winter. 
    ~ I love a nice fire in the fire place!!
  13. Invest in a deep freezer.  You can buy them right off the floor.  Get one with a scratch or a dent.  That's what I did.  We got our big freezer for under $400.  Then you can stock up on great deals and start your freezer cooking!
    I LOVE my freezer!  Saves me lots of time and money.
  14. Stop buying soda and sugar waters.  Drink water.  
  15. Trade kid's clothes with a friend.  Trade her your kid's outgrown clothes for her's.  
  16. Trade a "favor" in exchange for piano lessons.  Like cleaning her house or cooking one meal a night for her.
  17. Swap kids.  You watch your friend's kids this week so she can go out and she watches your kids one night next week so you can go out.
  18. Try to cut your grocery shopping in half.  If you go every week, try to go twice a month.  If you don't go to the store as much, you won't be buying as much of those frivolous things that you really don't need.  And you will be saving yourself time too.  Saves gas money too.
  19. Pasta and rice are good for you and very inexpensive.  Be sure you get whole wheat!  Also ~ stock up on dried beans.  You can put them in your crock pot in the morning and they'll be ready by dinner time.  
  20. Re-use gift bags.  ~ Not sure if I should be admitting that I do this or not....???
  21. Invest in an energy efficient washing machine and dryer.  This will save you money every month. 
  22. And don't forget your Obama bulbs (that's what my husband calls them) Energy efficient light bulbs really do last longer and cost less.  The cost a little more at the store, but you won't change them nearly as often and you're electric bill will be smaller too.
Some of these really aren't so "tiny", but in my defense, they do save money!

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    1. I ALWAYS re-use gift bags! I haven't bought a gift bag in years! lol

    2. My older boys recently reminded us that they have had the same backpacks for 7 years... at least they lasted. =) ~JLW

    3. That's awesome!! I'd be in the kitchen dividing the price of the backpacks by the years you had them to see just how much money I saved if I were you!! lol

    4. I make gifts bags. All my children return them so I can reuse them again.