Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Way God Intended...

I told you how I feel about taking synthetic, chemical antibiotics.  But don't think I just let my kids get sick and don't do anything about it.  I give them meds as soon as I see a need and most of the time we head it off before there's a need for a doctor visit.  We haven't been to the doctor for ear infections, strep throat or that type of thing in a long time!  Its nice to know that all will be well if I stock up on a few things before I need them. 

Simply click the links to learn more about these natural antibiotics.

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Like any other antibiotic, I administer 2 pills every day {one with breakfast and one before bed} for ten day. 

Any garlic is good for you.  Whole fresh garlic is best, and can be used topically as an anti-fungal/antibiotic, but it can blister the skin if you're not careful.  Garlic oil can be put into the ear canal to help with ear infections.  Come to think of it, I've never had a problem with vampires, so there must be something to that garlic thing....  

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Echinacea-Golden Seal Complex
This can be taken every day during cold and flu season to keep your immune system strong and you healthy.  But you will need to take a week off after about 2 weeks of using it.  I don't take {or administer} it that often.  At the first symptom, I administer this herb and continue until about 3 days after the symptom are gone.  Symptoms usually go away within a day or 2 of using this herb.  {I do give it in half doses to the rest of us that aren't sick, just to keep our immune systems strong and help us not to catch the bug}

This one is by far my favorite!! I've used it for strep throat, put it in the ear canal for ear infections, UTIs and even used it on my toe recently.  {I dropped a couch on my toe, broke the nail off and did surgery on myself.  Not one of those things are good.  And then all of my children seem to walk on my feet more than their wasn't a pretty situation!}  Hi-Ho, Silver to the rescue!!! 

Another favorite!!!  This is definitely something you should have on hand before cold and flu season!  This one is wonderful!!

These are my personal favorite and all are natural and can be found naturally in your body or in nature.  These are things that God gave us to keep us Healthy.  This is the way God intended us to keep our "temples" healthy and strong.  If we are going to live for Him, we should do it His way - all of it.  =)

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  1. How do you give your children these if they can't swallow pills yet? Like the Echinecea? Also, do you make herbal tinctures? Thanks!!

  2. I am just now learning to make tinctures. 2 of my 4 kids can swallow pills better than I can...the other 2 have issues. My youngest just chews them and doesn't seem to think twice. I can't stand it!! I try to help her so that doesn't have to happen. {I think she rather enjoys the Ewws and Ahhs of her sisters and brother) blech!

    You can get echinecea in liquid form for younger children. And I sometimes will open the pill and pour the insides out into honey or apple sauce. Still not pleasant, but you have to do what you have to do.

    ~ Angela