Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Flu Shot

I love to read ingredients on the food we eat! But have you ever read the ingredients on the flu shot your doctor gave you?  No?  Well, that's because they don't want you to know what's in there.  {In my opinion flu shots are a money making scheme.}

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So, let's talk ingredients:
  • Mercury is extremely toxic. It can cause brain injury and has been linked to an epidemic of autism. Mercury can also cause auto immune diseases.
So, let's say you get  Thimerosal {Mercury}-free shots?  Good.  You can cross mercury off the list.  Now all we have to deal with is:
  • Ethylene glycol is used as antifreeze and affect the central nervous system, then the heart and finally the kidneys. Sufficient amounts can be fatal. 
  • Phenol, also known as carbolic acid.   Before and during the Second World War, phenol injections were used by Nazi Germans as a means of rapid execution WHAT!?!?!
  • Formaldehyde is the chemical used for embalming. It is used in vaccines as a preservative. and is a cancer-causing agent 
  • Aluminum is a toxic metal used as an additive in flu shots to promote antibody response. Aluminum is widely associated with Alzheimer's disease and studies have shown that people who received five or more flu shots during a 10-year period has 10 times higher risks of developing Alzheimer's Disease. Aluminum has also been shown to cause seizures and cancer in laboratory mice. 
  • Antibiotics like Neomycin and Streptomycin are used as, well, antibiotics, They are added to flu shots to kill any bacteria that may be present.
Shall we continue??  :deep breath:

In the U.S. flu shots have 3 strands of flu virus in them.  The idea being that injecting live virus into your body will encourage your immune system to build an immunity.  {Immunity is good.} 

The problem is that the "experts" choose 3 out of hundreds of flu viruses that they suspect might be the most common this year.  What are the chances that they get those right?  Not big.  If they do get it right you have a 70% chance that you won't catch that particular flu.  In most cases people get the flu due to the shot.  Most people I know who have had the shot get sicker with the shot than they do without it.   

 Have you ever wondered how they create the virus that they inject into your blood stream?   They are cultivated in animal protiens {you know, things like rabbit brain tissue, pig blood, monkey kidney tissue, chicken embryo...that kind of thing...}  These proteins turn toxic once they enter your blood stream because they can't be broken down into amino acids by the digestive system properly.  

There you have it!!  All in the name of staying "healthy"!  No thank you!!  I'd rather risk getting the flu than the flu shot..

And don't even get me started on other vaccinations!!  Read this  if you want to know why we don't vaccinate anymore.  {I wish I could say "why we never vaccinated".}  :( 

Please feel free to share this post with your friends!! This is something I think all mothers should know.  For the sake of your children and because of what mine went through, please share this post!

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  1. I don't like flu shots nor have I gotten them for myself or kids for YEARS. My daughters asthma Dr is really pushing it though. What are ways to deal with Drs like that? Any tips for keeping her healthier? (she was dx'd with (bad) asthma in Jan, her breathing has improved with the changes we've been making)Anyone been there?

  2. I don't know allot about asthma, but I recently read an article about how fresh milk {straight from the cow} is supposed to help asthma quite a bit. I can ask on my facebook page and see what people say. Check there for any answers.

  3. I've read goats milk is good too. Also we deal with allergies, and my husband has asthma, since I've stopped using chemicals to clean and wash with attacks have been down. My daughter gets nosebleeds when I clean with store bought products, those have been down too.

    Thanks for the details on the flu shot, we stopped immunizations years ago, we still get the tetanus shot, well my kids do I'm allergic to it, but that's because we live on a one acre farm. I'll pass this along to my friends on FB & Twitter.

  4. Thank you for sharing your comment and this post!

  5. We as a family have not gotten the flu shot in years. My kids have never had it. They have had most of the other recommended vaccines though without any incidents. The flu shot just seems pointless when the flu goes around anyway and I am not even sure the shot covered that strain! Great article!

  6. Although my children are up to date with all their childhood immunisations, we have never bothered with the flu vacc. Interesting info :)