Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Easter Baskets for All Ages!

The BEST part of spring is Easter!!  Resurrection Sunday!

We make it clear to our children that Resurrection Sunday is about Jesus rising from the dead.  Because of His death and rising to life again, we can all experience NEW LIFE!!  And, while Resurrection Sunday is one of the most important and exciting days of the year, in my opinion, we still have fun with the Easter baskets and Easter Egg hunts.

We try to spend no more than $5.00 a piece on our Easter Baskets.  When the kids were very young, I bought them things to play with outside.  Jump ropes, balls, Frisbee, yo-yos, side walk chalk, water balloons...the list is endless....  The best time to purchase these things is after Easter when it's all on clearance!  I buy and put away for the following year. 

But themed baskets are fun too - especially for the older children/parents!  And, yes, I get my husband an Easter basket.  He totally thinks I'm crazy, but *I* miss not getting one, so I get him one too!  The child in me, you know...  :)

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Here are some of my ideas.... 

For all children:
  • Craft supplies ~ Beads and jewelry or scrap booking for girls.  Wood working or paining for boys - whatever your child is interested in.
  • School Supplies ~ any of the bigger school supplies you couldn't {or didn't want to} afford it at full price in the fall should be marked down in the spring.  Put it in their Easter baskets and let them decide if they should use it now and keep it nice for next year, or put it up and save it for the fall.... 
  • Keys!!  If you have money to spend, and you want to buy your child a car of their own...leave all of his Easter Eggs empty except for one.  In that egg, put the key to his car!  That would be an unforgettable Easter!!  {Or tell him or her that they are now too old for a basket and hand them the single egg with the key in it "so that they would still get  a little something....". 
  • Lessons ~ Does your child want to learn something?  You could put a paper in his basket that says he's going to get a years worth of piano lessons, swimming or surfing lessons..whatever you child is interested in!  My 7 year old want to learn to type, so we're getting her a typing CD with games and things to help her learn to type!  There are so many creative ideas out there....
  • Re-doing a bed room?  How about anything fun for the make over??  You know your child...just a few things here and there....

For girls:
  • Shoes ~ several different colored flip flops, sandals...is your daughter into this kind of thing?  Maybe a nail polish for her toe nails?  Or, a gift certificate to get a pedicure??
  • Make Up ~ Does she need anything, or maybe she's just old enough to start wearing a bit of something like powder or clear mascara and lip gloss??  You could surprise her and let her wear a bit on Easter for the first time!  I happen to know someone who sells clear lip gloss! ;D
  • Accessories: Hair bows, lip balm, shoes, tights or socks, jewelery...
  • Extras for her purse:  Lip gloss, key chain, mints or gum, new billfold, calculator, small hair spray, hair brush, or body spray...
  • Baking supplies: cookie cutters or candy molds...

For boys:
  • Hunting supplies ~ knives, warm clothes, the permission to go next season...
  • Sports ~ shoes, tickets to see a favorite team, collectables
  • Tools ~ wood working, any kind of tools that he's interested in...something that will last him years so he can take it with him when he leaves the house...think of the memories he'll have when he uses those tools...and the money he'll save having them already....
  • Accessories for his bike, dog or hobby...

For the whole family:

Just get a single basket this year for all to share, or put a little bit of your family gift in everyone's individual basket.  
  • New Puppy:  Dog leash, bowl, collar, food, bone and snacks.  When everyone wonders why they have dog treats in their basket, you can introduce the newest member of the family.... 
  • Books...one big basket for all to share with a new series or a just a bunch of individual books for all to read.  And, remember, they don't have to be brand new!  
  • Season pass to the zoo or other favorite fun spot.
  • New Swimming Pool ~ the basket can hold, goggles, flippers, pool toys and floatation thingies.... when everyone seems confused, you can take them all to the window to behold their new favorite summer pas time!

     Be fun!  Be creative!
    And don't forget, the Dollar Tree is your friend!!

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    1. Wonderful ideas, Angela! And just the inspiration I needed! Thank you!!