Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Time to Jump!!

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 Come on baby!  Jump!!  You see it all the time.  A little girl jumps from the side of the pool into her daddy's outstretched arms.  My girls did it with my husband.  I did it with my daddy. 

I must admit, I wouldn't do that today!  Heights are not my thing and I don't plan to jump off anything into anyone's arms anytime soon!  

What happens to us?  We grow up. We get "smart".  We start to look around and realize that something bad could happen.  We get nervous because we aren't in control.  We forget that "Daddy" is all we need.  We start to doubt that He really can catch us.  I mean, what if He misses?  What if...??

And, so we wait.  We don't trust His leading.  We wait.

The truth is, we need to jump the first time we're told!  Jump out in faith and without questions.  Don't wonder if He'll catch you.  Know He will! 

A friend we thought cared for us turns on us and tears our world apart - it's time to jump!  A much anticipated pregnancy comes to an abrupt halt - it's time to jump!  A bill is due and there just isn't the money - it's time to jump!  A certain person is spreading lies about your child - it's time to jump!  Sickness, pain, many reasons to jump into the outstretched arms of our Heavenly Father!! 

What's going on in your life that makes you fearful?  Will you stand there contemplating the options??  Will you waste precious swim time debating whether you should trust your Daddy??  Or will you jump to Him blindly and let Him take care of the rest?

Blessed are the little children....and those that have that simple, childlike faith!

Jump!  Let Him catch you!

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  1. What a sweet and inspiring post! Just so you know, I wouldn't jump now either. Yikes! As for jumping into God's arms, I am much more willing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a beautiful object lesson from our childhoods. I remember doing it,too, with my Dad. Thank you for the reminder that we can trust God:)