Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bucket Heads

You never know what might happen in a day when you have children.  Here is a story of what happened to us one day.  I hope you have as much fun reading this as my kids did embarrassing me!  :)

One morning my children sweet talked me into taking them to the Dollar Tree.  This is their favorite store and rightly so because you see, everything there costs only $1.00!!  So off we went.  Our custom is that everyone gets $1 to waste, I mean, spend on something.  ;)

When our shopping was done we all filed out of the store.  On this particular day, I noticed something cute in one of those bubble machines. (You know, those money traps that kids love and parents hate?  Like we don't already have enough clutter on the floor of my van and 27 bouncy balls in a drawer in my son's room.)   I made mention of these "Goof Balls" in passing  and of course, all of the kids decided they needed one.  I told them that I already had 4 goof balls and that we didn't need anymore.  On the way out of the store Lexxi says, "Mom, I don't have any Poop Balls!"  Yep, that's what she said.  The lady at the register heard her and burst out laughing.  Which was probably a good thing.  From looking at her I don't think she'd had a good laugh in a while.  Just sayin'....
Then we had to go to Wall Mart because, well, because it's there....!  My son is by nature a "people person" which is the politically correct way of saying he's a loud mouth.  He saw a lady that had crazy hair and in his defense, she did have CRAZY hair.  So, Wesley looked up at her and said, "Your hair is funny!  I don't like it."  At that point I was just trying to get away from the poor woman.  But before I could he says to me, "Mom, don't you think her hair is crazy!?  You wouldn't ever do YOUR hair that way would you!??"  Somehow I managed to get out of that situation and before we knew it we were on to our next situation.

I found some little plastic buckets that were all on clearance.  I got 6 of them for a grand total of $1.00!  That was a pretty good deal.  I was proud of myself for that one!  I threw them all in the cart silently congratulating myself for such a great deal.  The kids proceeded to put the buckets on their heads.  I can live with that.  After all, kids do need to "express themselves".  But the problem was that I bought SIX buckets and I only have FOUR kids.  So, we finished our shopping and headed for the register.  Jennabeth began to fuss about the fact that Meghan and Wesley were "double bucket heads" and she was only a bucket head!  I wanted to laugh at her. (Apparently being a double bucket head is something to be proud of!)  But being the sensitive mother that I am, I simply removed Jenna's bucket from her head, handed it to Lexxi and informed her that Lexxi had earned the "double bucket head" status since she had not fussed about only having one bucket.  The moral of this story:  my children are bucket heads!

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