Friday, February 25, 2011

My Treasures!

Lexxi is our oldest.  She is growing up so quickly, I'm not sure if I should be proud of her or sad because she's not a baby anymore.  She loves to cook and help around the house.  She is becoming more responsible and more independent. (The second mother around our house.) She is learning to do her own hair and she loves to look like a girl.................when she's not proving herself stronger than the boys!

She is the Daddy's Girl!


Meghan (or Kate) is our second child and probably the quietest of the bunch.  Her personality and disposition are both fun to be around and contagious!  Her favorite things are the color green and frogs.  She loves to read and think things through.  Of all of the kids, she's the one that does the best on her own.  She is our miracle baby and a joy to our family.  I don't know what we'd do without her. 

She is her Daddy's Teddy Bear.

Wesley is our only son.  More easy going than his sisters, and much more talkative.  He never knows a stranger and is filled with questions and wonder about the happenings around him.  Of all the children he's probably the most out-going. He loves to dress up.  Belts and ties are definitely his thing!  He adds to the joy and excitement around our house and every where he goes.  He's always making people laugh...he's a ham!

As you can see, he looks just like his daddy, but he is his Mama's 'son'shine!

Jennabeth is our "baby".  She's quiet until you get to know her, then you had better get out of the way.  We get more comments on her hair than anything...she's a fuzz ball.  If you ever see a a fuzzy mess go flying past, it's probably Jennabeth!  She's the thrill seeker in the family, always looking for an adventure.  She's a sweet heart and very affectionate.    Lexxi is the oldest and the "boss" among the children, but Jennabeth's not far behind.  She's very opinionated and doesn't usually follow the "crowd".  Jennabeth would probably be "mama's girl", but only when she's not sweet talking daddy into something.

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