Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring Time Traditions.....

We love Spring around our house!  We love all the seasons for different reasons, but spring is one of the best.  The cold is slowly leaving.  The sun is getting warmer.  The days are warm, but not hot...yet.  Time to celebrate the goodness of God.  He has made all things new. Here are a few things we do EVERY spring:

1. One of our favorite things to do in spring is dig through all the sandals I bought last year on clearance and see what fits who.  I always buy sandals and summer shoes in the fall when they are on clearance.  I get what I think might fit the kids the following summer.  (So far, I've been pretty good at this. Once I had to give a pair of shoes away because my kids grew so fast over the winter that none of them could wear that particular pair of shoes.  But that's not HUGE deal considering I only spent about $4.00 on that pair of shoes.  And I have plenty of friends with plenty of kids, so they didn't go to waste.)    Then I store all the shoes/clothes in a box and wait for spring.  It's kinda like shopping at home.  The kids love it.

2.  Then, and before we actually wear the sandals, we go to the store and get some nail polish.  You have to do pedicures before you wear new sandals.  It's a rule.  Especially when you have 3 daughters.  So, this has become one of favorite spring traditions.

Aren't they cute little piggies?

3.  Another thing we do is eat outside as soon as it's warm enough.  Reason #1:  Because it's fun to eat in the warm sunshine.  Reason #2:  It saves a HUGE mess.  (did I mention this was my favorite reason?)  We eat on the trampoline.  We eat on a blanket.  We eat at the picnic table.  It doesn't really matter long as the crumbs and mess stay out side!  =)

4.  We plant a garden.  We plant 2 gardens actually.  I enlist the help of the children to plant a veggie garden.  We start that indoors and the kids don't have as much fun with it, but they do love to plant flowers.  When we plant flowers I always let them have one of their "own" and then they are required to care for that plant until the fall when it dies.  Sometime I let them chose their own flower.  Sometimes I chose the type of plant and let them chose the color they want their plant to be.  Either way they have a plant of their own to care for.  And we always have a very colorful yard!

5.  We love to grill out as often as we can.  It smells soo good, tastes even better and saves HUGE messes in my kitchen!  There's nothing better than grilling out in spring time!  Hmmmm, I think you can see, I'm all about making life easier on myself.  =D

6.  On the first day it's warm enough we wash the car/van.  And that always somehow turns into a water fight....just remember rule #1: Mom always wins!!  And that's really the only rule I can think of.

7.  We go to the strawberry patch and pick strawberries every year too.  We make several pints each of jam and pie filling and we freeze a few quarts of whole berries for later.  Then we chop. slice and dehydrate all the rest.  We get LOTS of strawberries! And sometimes we have to go back to get more so that we can make popsicles!  There's nothing better than strawberry/banana popscicles, made out of fresh fruit, healthy and cold on a hot day....Yummm....

These are just a few things we do every spring.  Maybe someday I'll take the time to list a few more!

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