Friday, April 29, 2011

Get "Spicy" out of Eyes

My children love to help me cook.  I love to let them.  Recently, Meghan and I were making my favorite meal ever - Steak Fajitas!!  Love those things!  Meghan was getting things out of the fridge and setting the table, and doing all the odd jobs.  I was making the pico-de-gallo (or "pico"). 

I didn't think anything of it when she announced that she was finished with the jobs I had given her to do.  Did I have any more?  No, not that I could think of at that moment.  So, she walked over to where I was slicing jalapenos and stood there watching.  About the time it occurred to me that she was eye level with the counter tops, she started jumping around screaming about her eyes burning. 

I know that milk helps cool your mouth down, and I remembered reading somewhere that it can do the same for eyes.  So, I grabbed the milk out of the fridge and pored some into a serving spoon. (At this point, I think, Jeremy was thinking that I'd flown the coop.)  Then, with a little bit of help to hold her down, I pored the milk into her little, brown eye. 

Within seconds she was feeling better, and we were able to get on with our fajitas.  I was amazed at how quickly and completely the milk helped her eye to feel better!  It was amazing.  I'm so glad God loves and helps us, even with the little things!

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