Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Strangest Sunday EVER

Sundays are crazy.  If something is going to go wrong - it's going to go wrong on a Sunday morning.  You just never know what might happen on a Sunday!

Here's my proof!

I was pregnant with our third child.  My oldest was around 2 years old and my youngest was a year-ish.  My husband worked a bus route, so he left early every Sunday morning and I was left to get the girls ready and take the dog out to do her business before I went to church.

One Sunday morning, I was running late.  (I don't do well when I'm pregnant.  I have to do little things here and there and then go lie down or run to the bathroom and, well, you get the picture...)  So, I had put the dog outside on her chain while I was upstairs getting ready.   I'm really not exactly sure what happened next, or how it happened, but it happened!!

As I was getting ready upstairs, I heard a strange noise.  It sounded like the back door opening.  I heard the dog come in and I heard Lexxi (around 2 at the time) talking to the dog.  Then I heard other noises.   Screaming, barking, Lexxi yelling at the dog and other noises I couldn't quite distinguish.

I went running for the stairs.  I stopped half way down and I couldn't even believe my eyes!  Our dog had chased another animal into the living room and was chasing it around in a circle.  The dog was barking.  The other animal (I still wasn't sure what it was) was making horrible noises and there was my 2 year old chasing the dog (who was chasing the unknown animal), yelling at the top of her lungs, "stop running in the house!".    I wasn't sure what to do!

Then ...then I noticed my 13 month old sitting in the middle of the living room floor.  She was as calm as a cucumber sucking her little thumb while watching an unknown animal, our dog and her big sister run circles around her!!!  (It really was like a movie, watching her head move as each critter ran past her.)

Ahhhhhhhhhh.....that was all I could think for a moment! 

When I finally got my brain cells back in order, I sent Lexxi away from the "wild" animal and called off the dog.  The animal went running into the bathroom and I was left to wonder what to do about it.  The whole thing had happened so fast, I still wasn't sure what it was or what I should do about it.

My first thought was to close the bathroom door and let Jeremy deal with it when he came home.  (Welcome Home, Honey!!)  But the thought of that animal in my house where my little babies live and play was too much.  And what if the animal was to destroy the bathroom door, get out and then start on my furniture - or the dog?   So, I finally got up the nerve to go in the bathroom and check it out.  Turns out it was just a stray cat.  A very nervous, stray cat.  I was nervous.  The cat's tail was about 3 feet in diameter, really it was!  (not really)  But I was running late for church, so somehow I got up enough courage to pick the thing up and throw it out the door...  Let me tell you, I was very thankful that the cat didn't try to attack me when I did! 

You should have seen me trying to explain that story to my husband!  "I know I was late, Dear, but a wild animal...."  The good news is he believed me.  Not sure why.  Don't know if I would have!!!

And THAT is my proof that we should all be never know what might happen on Sunday morning!!   =D


  1. so true Angela! Sunday ams are are best! hehe cute story

  2. would have made a neat video, but who would have been video-ing at a time like that? lol thank you for writing it in such a way it was fun to read and 'picture'.

  3. Amanda SchmditMonday, May 16, 2011

    I have had many of those strange Sunday mornings. Kids sure do make life exciting. Really cute story.

  4. Yes, well, I was just glad I had a good reason to be late to church that day! And I thought about a video of it too..would have been hysterical! Memories...wonderful memories.... =)