Friday, July 22, 2011

Little Boy's Tie Rack

I don't know if my son likes ties because he just happens to like them, or if his father's fascination with them has rubbed off on him, or maybe it's a little bit of both?? 

Let's just say my husband has OCD issues when it comes to his dress clothes and especially his ties.  At one point he had 87+.  Since then he has given several away and bought a few more.  I haven't taken the time to count.  I leave that to him.  I'm not really into counting ties.  But I am into organizing them. 

My son has quite a few ties himself - for a 5 year old!  And he likes his ties just as much as his daddy likes his.  You should see his eyes light up when I find a new tie for him.  I've given him the option of a new tie or a new toy and I was shocked when he chose the tie.  I guess he get's it honestly.  

But what to do with all these ties??

My husband's ties...not as neat as he usually keeps them. ~ We did just move into this house and things aren't all the way we'd like them to be just yet. 

I decided if Daddy had a tie rack, Wesley should have one too!  This is what I did.   A nice wire hanger and you have....

A "tie rack" for a little boy.

There are a few of his ties that I can't seem to find.  Not sure if they were lost in our cross-country move or maybe they'll show up some never knows.  Regardless, Wesley now has his ties and belts organized just like his daddy's.  At least we don't have ties all wadded up in drawers any longer.  He's a happy little man.

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  1. Ok I found this in the process of trying to find the link for the tie rack idea I saw the other day!

    But anyway lol, The lady had used one of those wooden hangers and I THINK maybe attached little screw hook to the bottom part of the hanger so she could hang ties on it. That's a cute idea if you have enough wooden hangers for all your ties... or could find them cheap enough to not make it an expensive project!

  2. Make this awesome tie rack using a couple basic tools and supplies. Its perfect for the modern man!