Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Dozen Rainy Day Activities

I know some of you are praying for rain, but we here in central IL had a lovely rainy day yesterday!  I love rain.  Maybe because we lived in Panama where it rains a couple of hours every day for 9 months out of the year, or maybe because I lived in Arizona, where it never rains, or at least very rarely.

Here are some of our favorite rainy day activities:
  1. Do a craft!  Puzzles, make hair bows (my newest trial and error activity), scrap book, quilt, 
  2. Read!  I love to read.  (I have to be careful though.  My kids have a habit of eating every day and that habit gets in my way once I start reading!)
  3. Play with your food!  No, really!  Make a fun snack that you can "play" with.  Colorful veggies on a plate make cute faces and peanut butter, raisins and apples or bananas are fun to play with too.
  4. Make a big pot soup and some grilled cheese sandwiches.
  5. Do something kind for someone else.  Call them, write them a letter, make them a cake or a loaf of bread.  The list is endless.
  6. Make homemade pizza and watch a movie together.
  7. Start working on your Christmas list.  Make a few smaller gifts to give away to teachers and children's friends.
  8. Plan a party!  My kids love to help plan parties.  
  9. Organize the garage.  I love to work outside.  Organizing the garage is something you can do while outside, probably needs to be done and you will feel great as you cross it off your list!  Open the garage door and enjoy the smell of the rain and the cool air that blows in!
  10. Let the kids play in the garage.  Bubbles, bikes, sidewalk chalk (if you don't mind your garage being 'decorated'), jump rope, hop scotch and have a picnic are all fun things you can do.
  11. Play "Bible Charades".  Let the kids dress up as Bible characters and act it out.  You and the other children have to guess who the actor is pretending to be.  
  12. Tell a Bible story and have everyone participate in acting it out. 
These are some of our rainy day activities.  What do YOU do on rainy days at your house??

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