Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shower Curtain Jewerly

SO!  I found these really cool blue and clear glass beads on clearance and I snatched them up!  They cost me $2.50.  I didn't have any string to put them on and the beads were too heavy for thread, so instead of spending money, I went through all of my craft things and I found some floral wire.

The kids and I spent some time together on Sunday afternoon stringing (wiring) beads and attaching them to the top of the shower curtain.  It doesn't look the way I had hoped it would look, but I got to spend some time with the kids and decorate a part of the house at the same time!  And did I mention I only spent $2.50?!?   AND, the kids have memories and are proud that their handiwork is on display in the bathroom.

Happy Decorating!! 

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