Thursday, September 15, 2011

Buying Things to Throw Away Makes Me Crazy!

Are you like me?  Do you hate spending money on things you know you're just going to turn around and throw away?  It's senseless.  Garbage bags, toilet paper, baby wipes, diapers, napkins, paper plates, cotton balls, Q-Tips, paper towels...all are things we buy planning to throw away!  Makes me crazy!

Paper Towels and Dinner Napkins:
But now I can cross paper towels and napkins off my list!  Recently I bought myself some cloth napkins at a yard sale.  They don't match anything I have.  They don't even match themselves.  But they are going to save me some grocery money!  No more throwing that money away.  I have other rags that I use in place of paper towels.  

Baby Wipes:
{I do still buy a roll of Viva paper towels every once in a great while to make my wet wipes.  When you have children; you need wet wipes.  That all there is to it!  Plus that, my homemade wet wipes cost a fraction of what the store bought wipes cost and they work better.  We love them.}

My babies always wore disposable diapers.  But the more I think about it, the more I think I might try cloth diapers {if God ever blesses us with another baby}.  It seems like it would save a ton of money and be less irritating for the baby.  It might be worth the effort.  Disposable Diapers may be the way to go if you're leaving the baby with a sitter or in a nursery.  Just for convenience sake.  But to save a little money, I'd give it a shot!

Paper Plates:
I suppose I could do without paper plates, but it's nice to not have to wash as many dishes when I'm in a hurry and I never buy myself anything, so I figure $4.00 a month in paper plates won't hurt.  But then you multiply that by 12 and I've wasted quite a bit of money in a year.  Ugh.  Guess I should stop buying them too.  

Trash Bags:
Most grocery stores have stopped using those brown paper grocery bags, but those worked pretty good for garbage bags.  That way you don't have to buy the plastic ones.  I pretty much just get the cheapest ones on the shelf.  And you can always use the plastic grocery bags to line the smaller trash cans and to throw food away in.  I use them for potato peelings, skins, bones, leftovers, any kind of food that needs to be thrown away (which makes me crazy too!) can go into a plastic grocery bag.  That way it doesn't leak out, smell up the house and excite any bugs within smelling distance. 

Oh!  Those little plastic grocery bags also work great for sick kids.  I put a small trash can or bucket beside the bed of a sick kid and line it with plastic grocery bag for easy clean up.  {I also put an old towel, bed sheet or shower curtain - whatever you have - down under the bowl and all around the carpet, couch, bed anything you don't want "baptized".  It's so much easier to clean accidents up that way.} 

Call me cheap, but I use my husband's when he's finished with his.  I'm not using them on my face, {at least not that I'm admitting! =P}  My legs can take it.  I like the way they shave.  In my opinion his used razors work better than the cheap ones I used to buy anyway!  Why buy more when I have what I need right here?
Toilet Paper:
Ummm, well.... my husband has asked me NOT to "go there".  Apparently he thinks I would...???  lol  I guess we'll have to keep buying toilet paper to throw away...  

Cotton Balls and Q-Tips:
I guess you kinda have to have those too!  We just use them sparingly and try to stock up when they're on sale.  Remember to look for coupons for these types of items.  I can't stand buying things to throw away.  Makes me crazy!  

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  1. I agree! I started using cloth mama pads every month, I make my own, and LOVE them! WAY more comfy and just wash in the laundry and they are ready to use next month! It cost me about $30 to make a stash for myself and they have already lasted a year, and have many more years of use left! Great post! Keep us thinking!!

    Love and hugs!