Sunday, June 17, 2012

Here Comes the Bride{s}

So, my husband is gone on a Missions Trip for a while and we're bored!  Here's something we did for fun.  And it was FUN!  

We all dressed up in my wedding dress and took pictures!  

I couldn't believe how my oldest very nearly fits into it!!  Makes me realize how quickly she's growing up.  Won't be long until she'll be wearing her own dress and I'll be the mother of the bride!  Makes me wonder if I've done everything I can, or should to prepare her for what God wants her to do??

Daughter #2 in my wedding dress! 

She doesn't fit it very well.  She's my skinny one.  :P  It was so fun to be feminine and dress up.  I loved that dress and I love to see my little girls in it too.  So far they are wanting to wear MY dress in their own weddings!!  That's a compliment, I must say.  But, I'm not holding my breath.  By the time they're old enough to get married, they might wake up and think my dress "old fashioned".  :)

Daughter #3 DEFINITELY doesn't fit the dress yet, but she had fun with it too.  

What little girl doesn't want to feel like a princess in a long, beautiful {in our opinion} dress?? 

We had so much fun with this Mommy/Daughter time!!  If you still have your wedding dress and a couple of little girls that love to dress up, I think you should definitely get it out and make some memories.  

The only terrible part of the whole thing is that they couldn't all wear it at the same time.  Oh, yeah, and eventually you do have to take it off!  :) 
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