Monday, April 29, 2013

Pizza Fries! Yum!!

Here's a healthy twist to an old favorite!!

One of my favorite restaurants when I lived in Tucson, AZ was called Eegees!  LOVED that place!  They had all kinds of really fun, really unhealthy food!  I must confess, Eegees and Whataburger get a visit every time I go "back home".

One day I decided to make my own Pizza Fries and they turned out fanTAStic!!  My husband, who grew up eating Southern fried, big people food, wasn't too fond of it, so he gets spaghetti on Pizza Fries night.


Homemade potato wedges {or frozen french fries}
Spaghetti or pizza sauce {garlic & oregano}
Mozzarella cheese
Green onions
Peperoni or sausage {if you would normally eat these things on your pizza}
Pretty much anything you would normally put on your homemade pizzas


Bake potato wedges until golden brown and crispy.
Heat spaghetti/pizza sauce till hot and add spices if necessary.
Prepare veggies and pizza toppings.
Put a few potato wedges on each plate; cover with sauce; add desired ingredients and then top with tons of mozzarella! 


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