Thursday, May 16, 2013

our new home...I love to decorate!!

Well, we've been working on moving into a "new" house all summer!  {Did I mention it's the hottest summer on record?}  We've done a lot of updating and remodeling.  It's finally coming together and many of you have asked to see some pictures of the finished product, so here ya go....

The living room...or part of it.

A bit more of the living room.... I didn't take a pic of the wall to my left for some reason but there's a few more pictures and a piano...not too exciting...

A shot of the dinning room from the kitchen.

Part of my kitchen...with stuff on the counter.  
I supposed I could have cleaned it up BEFORE I took the pictures!  :) 

The other end of the kitchen...

Antiques and old things above my fridge...I love anything vintage!!

Here's the hall case you were wondering.  The mirror at the end has "snow" on it and a cute little snowman barn star!  I love winter too!  Our children's rooms and bathroom are down this hall...

My favorite pictures of my children!!  I just love them!  
Are they not the cutest things you've ever seen?  And "vintage" to boot!!
Ya just can't beat it!
Well, there ya have it!  That's the majority of the upstairs of our home.  The basement contains a laundry room, our room, a storage area and some shelving for my canning jars and's really not much to look at yet.  Maybe someday I'll get it decorated too!? 


Well, apparently this was supposed to be posted back in October?  Really not sure what happened at this point.  I guess I forgot to post it.   Our house pretty much looks like this still except for a few newly decorated spots...because I LOVE to decorate and continue to decorate and re-decorate spots here and there.  We have "new" furniture in our living room because our youngest got the flu last winter and ruined our couch - that's all I'm going to say about that.  :)  

This post is mostly for those of my family and friends that live so many miles away and don't get a chance to come over.  Any and all are welcome at any time - just don't blame me if you come unannounced and it's messy!  We do love company though.  Any one, any time! 


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