Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Girls' Day Out!!

Recently I was able to take my girls out and spend a whole day with them!  And, believe it or not, we were able to do it on a very minimal budget.   {Actually, we planned and saved for weeks leading up to it.  I think that was half the fun!}

I was given a gift card from the school I work at as a "Thank You" and it was the exact amount needed to take the girls and get them new dresses to wear on our Girl's day!!  I love to watch God provide things the way He does!

 Before pedis....

We also bought new flip-flops with that gift card!  Had to have flip-flops so we wouldn't mess up our pedis!!  {This was the girls' first pedis!!}

Flip-Flops are life savers for me!!  

When the kids wear flip-flops, I don't have to wash, search for, and fold socks!!

After pedis....

 Just a few crazy pictures of my crazy girls....

We were able to go to Logan's Steak House!!  We stratiegiclay planned our fun day on a Tuesday because all Kid's Meals are only $3.00 each and that includes their drinks!!  I always drink lemon water and we didn't get any dessert {because the school gave me a gift card to Steak and Shake too!!} so we at at a really nice restaurant for only $20.00 including the tip!! 

Like Mother; like daughter ~  reading ingredients!

Later we got milk shakes at at Steak & Shake using the other gift card given me by the school I work at.  Once again God provided a little "extra" for us on our special day!

The girls were all needing new shoes, so we worked together to earn some extra money.  Each girl earned $15.00 plus whatever money they already had.  I bought them each a pair of shoes for church and they bought themselves a pair for play.  Then, we went 'shopping' with the leftover money!  

It was a really great day!

When I think that I only ever wanted sons and not daughters...!!!  God knew what I needed.  I'm so glad He has blessed me these beautiful girls!

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