Friday, June 8, 2012

Homemade Butter

It's easy!  I promise!  The first time I made it I was so proud of myself AND the fact that it tasted just like...get tasted just like BUTTER!!!  I even called my dad to tell him.  He didn't seem as thrilled - more like confused at my excitement.  All he said was, "what did you expect it to taste like?".  

hmmm...butter, I guess...????     :) 

Here's how you make it....

First you take your fresh cream and put it in your food processor.  1 Cup of raw, fresh cream will give you about a 1/2 cup of fresh, healthy butter.

Then you turn it on high and leave the room for about 10 minutes. 

{If your processor is as loud as mine you won't want to wash dishes or even stay in the kitchen for that amount of time!!  Too much noise for too long a time makes me crazy!}

Check the cream to see how it looks...

If it looks thick and even, you have yourself some wonderful whipped cream!  You could stop right there and have dessert.  It actually tastes pretty good and kinda sweet.  If you want, you could add some healthy sweeter such as sucanat or raw honey and maybe even some organic vanilla extract. 

...or you could put the lid back on and continue processing....

We continued.

Check again a few moments later... if and when it starts to separate you know that you're on your way to butter.  At this point, I simply drain the liquid off the butter and put in a bag or jar marked "butter milk" to be used at a later time.  It has lots of vitamins and can be used to make biscuits and/or pancakes, or it can be used in a cake or other recipes in place of milk.

You can use molds to mold your butter into cute little shapes or you can be creative like me and just make blobs.  In my professional opinion, butter blobs taste just as good as the cute little molds and much better than the store bought stuff!!  And you know there's not any additives, salt or hormones added to it.  Just plain, healthy fats. 

Did you know the fat content in butter actually helps your body to absorb the nutrients, vitamins and minerals in your veggies??   I threw that little fact in for free.

So, don't feel bad ~ eat up!!!

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