Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Temperature Wars - Prayer {Part 2}

 Previous "Temperature Wars" Posts:
I started this series a few weeks back, and I named it "Thermostat Wars".  You see, as moms, you and I are the thermostats of our homes; the spirit of our homes. If there's a bad spirit in my home, there's a big chance it's my fault.  There are so many ways that we, as wives and mothers, can warm up our homes.   One of the best ways we can warm up our homes is by prayer.  We discussed prayer a bit last week, and I'm going to cover it a little bit more this wee too, but there's absolutely no way we could ever exhaust the topic of prayer.  It's far too important and extensive! 

We should pray for ourselves:  
  1. We need to be a good example of love, honesty, and a good attitude.  
  2. We need to teach a good work ethic by having one.  
  3. We need to be parents.   You know the old phrase, "Girls Rule and Boys Drool"?  In our home it's "Mom Rules.  Period."  There is no debating.  There is no whining.  (But there's a TON of praying {And some fasting too} that goes into my children and the way they behave! I could NEVER train my children to obey without prayer!)  Which leads me to the next thing on my prayer list:
  4. Consistency is definitely something I pray for!  Children need consistency.  They need to know that mom will consistently win and then there will be no arguments
  5. That we would love and submit to our husbands
  6. That we would teach our children to obey by obeying their father
  7. That we would be the best wives and mothers we can be

Prayer requests for my children:
  1. Salvation
  2. Assurance of Salvation (if the profession was genuine which is something only that child will know.)
  3. That they do right with a right spirit and a happy heart
  4. That they increase in wisdom and in favor with God and man
  5. That they are respectful and obedient (by the way, if they don't obey immediately they aren't obeying at all.  That's another of my mottoes.;)
  6. That they do their best at everything they do 
  7. That they don't try to be like someone else, but are content to be the person God made them to be. 
  8. That the girls learn to be ladies, gentle, modest, loving, hard working,  sweet ladies that marry good, Godly men that will take care of them, protect, love and cherish them 
  9. That my son would grow to be masculine, yet respectful of ladies, tough, wise, respectable, teachable, marry a good wife that will help and encourage him
  10. Social/People skills -That they learn to be flexible, creative, loving, kind and gentle with others.
  11. That they hate sin and be caught when party to it!
  12. That God would put a hedge around them to protect them form danger, sin and bad influences
  13. That they would be protected from the devil and his devices and lies - wise to spot and flee temptations
  14. That they will be friends to all, but only chose the very best (spiritually) to become close friends with.  
  15. That they will stay pure till marriage and marry the one God has prepared for them (it would be wise to pray for the ones God is preparing for them.)
  16. They learn to submit to and obey God
  17. They love life and have fun living it
  18. That they understand when it's time to be serious and are wise in the way they behave
  19. Good work ethic
  20. Wise money skills 
  21. OK, you get the idea.  The list is endless!  But that's a good thing.  Just think of all the many blessing that will come out of it!
General prayer requests for my husband:
  1. God's favor on his life
  2. Wisdom in every day decisions
  3. That he would be willing to do God's will
  4. That he would be successful in his work
  5. A hedge around him to protect him from temptation and harm
  6. Good Health
  7. As your husband's wife, you know what he needs prayer for...this is just a general list of prayer requests we can pray for our husbands
    There are soo many things to say about praying.  The subject of a mother/wife's prayer could never be exhausted.  I will certainly be revisiting this subject soon!  Prayer is one of my favorite topics! 


    1. Hi. I have just joined today and this post was very encouraging, thanks :) I do often pray for my husband and children but this has motivated me to be a little more thorough in my efforts. I will have to go and read some of your other posts.. they look interesting.

    2. It's nice to meet you, Lorna! And I love your name. I'm glad you joined us. I hope you find this a great place to have fun and be encouraged! Enjoy looking around!