Monday, July 16, 2012

Recycling Old Towels

OK, guys, I'm not always the smartest cookie in the jar, and I can prove it!  A couple of weeks ago I made a few Chicken Enchilada Bakes to feed some of the teenagers at church.  Since none of my pans have lids - at least none of the big ones - and I didn't have any foil, {because of the aluminum} I decided to wrap them each in a nice big bath towel, load them in a laundry basket, and take them that way.  Either my towel idea was a bad one, or my driving is crazy, but by the time I got to the church the towels were cheesy and the enchiladas were not!!  :( 

I threw one of the towels away at church because there was no hope for it.  I tried to wash the other 2 and was successful with one.  The other was nearly successful, but there were still a few cheesy spots that didn't smell so good.  Nothing like getting out of the shower and drying off with a smelly old 'cheese cloth'.  :)

So, quite simply, I made "Paper Towels" out of my bath towel.  We already don't buy napkins because it saves us money to use cloth napkins.  Now, we have big huge, very absorbent, paper towels.

This saves money in several ways:

  • I didn't throw away a towel that was still 99% usable.
  • We don't have to buy paper towels at the grocery store.
  • The kids won't have to use my nice dish towels when they spill something, which keeps my dish towels nicer.
  • I won't have to replace those nasty rags I clean the bathroom with {they were getting kinda gross}.  


All I did:

Fold the towel in half and cut.  Then, fold the halves in half and cut.  Cut each of these pieces in half and cut.  You should have 8 very nice size rags to replace your paper towels!!

By using something I already had, I saved myself money and time!!  Maybe this will help me feel better about being so 'cheesy'.


How do you save money recycling things you already have??

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  1. Hi, Angela, I just had to stop over to tell you...I will be having a giveaway in a week to two for the making Herbs simple DVD series you mentioned that you want... :)

    I like how you changed your header...and still have one of those pretty purple roses! I hope you are well in the Lord !! Blessings~

  2. Thank you so much! I'll have to enter that one too! I have an herb garden now too...not just veggies I'd love to know how to make them useful!

    Thanks again!!

  3. do you use these for greasy foods too, Like Bacon? If so how do you wash the grease out of them after?

    1. I don't cook an awful lot of bacon, but I do use these to wash every thing. I use my homemade laundry detergent. It seems to work fine. :) Thank you so much for the question!!